Content Marketing Trends in 2024 – What You Need to Know

Content marketing trends are constantly evolving; by getting out in front of them you can help your brand’s message to rise above the crowd, and achieve what you need to achieve.

Shiny results are now out of fashion; audiences and clients want content with an authentic lived feel. Generative AI is spreading because it creates real content at scale, with an appropriate quickness to it.

Long-form content

Period. But would-be online writers ignore all that at their peril, as they fall for the myth that there is no longer any audience for long-form content. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Yes, users spend an average of only 37 seconds looking at any given post, but they will still read a valuable, well-written, in-depth article. if used correctly, long-form content can provide your business with numerous strategic advantages, beyond just helping your company rank higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), attract more inbound links, and retain readers for longer periods of time. Ultimately, a good piece of long-form content should satisfy readers with useful, relevant information. Using visuals is a great way to break up content and increase scanability – this article uses graphic element sparingly but skilfully to aid users with navigation (through dividing the tips visually) and quickly finding what they want at the top where navigation is offered to navigate to desired section quicker than scrolling.


The right kind of AI should be a boon to any content marketer, and certainly one of the reasons it sounds so promising is that it’s not yet cost-effective, nor particularly portable, so in the meantime, it’s still the human touch that makes the difference. Producing more quality content, refocusing on the application of best practices that build on trust and experience, and returning to principles and practice that drive results are key levers to increasing content marketing ROI in 2024. Businesses that aim for high-quality, personalised content will be the ones that win out as they penetrate noise and create content of conversion influence at scale. They should command for providing them with tools that can automate tasks; one solution would be using Narrato’s AI social media content creator to automatically create posts with clever quotes, stories or questions at a topic of your choosing to fill in your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook posts.


Writing extremely high-quality content that stays relevant for a long time is important. But content repurposing allows you to maximise the use of your content, meet your output targets with fewer resources, discover new audiences and reach them, grow your traffic and so on. Repackaged content can boost your SEO, too: say you have a blog post via an evergreen post that has brought in a lot of traffic, you can repackage that post into a video tutorial or a downloadable PDF guide to widen your potential audience. For such purposes, repurposing might appear straightforward – but many marketers run into technical challenges in getting this right. A good digital asset management system, in conjunction with the right artificial intelligence tools both existing and tailored towards generative AI applications, means that repurposing can be easier and more effective than ever.

Voice search

This voice search trend is a must for content marketers as more consumers embrace giving commands to smart speakers as a hands-free way of searching the web. By optimising your content for voice searches, you will expand your existing audience with new entrants to the market while also building your brand exposure. Think long-tail keywords and natural-language queries. Many voice searches comprise questions; therefore, your content needs to be structured as questions to stand a better chance of becoming featured snippets. Use the ‘People Also Ask’ box on Google to find both questions you can answer in your copy, and also those most likely to be relevant to your audiences – that should help your chances of ranking).

Social media

The opportunity to tell a story about your brand to social media audiences is an opportunity for an emotional, human connection. A well-told story about what your organisation stands for, who they are and what they do has the power to spread your message and leave a lasting impression with your audience. Educating your audience about complicated issues is a main benefit of an informative blog post. Informative posts can be considered a vehicle for educational, non-promotional content. Blog posts might also be a way to drive more people to visit your website, hence nicely complementing the marketing efforts as well. Although your company should be aware of what’s going on, haphazardly jumping to adopt every trend would mean ignoring your company’s values and your target demographic. Keeping a weather eye on existing and foresighted trends before the competition is the best way you and your colleagues can create a lasting impression on 2024.

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